Bangladesh’s response to right to education in Covid-19

Author Topic: Bangladesh’s response to right to education in Covid-19  (Read 162 times)

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Bangladesh’s response to right to education in Covid-19
« on: August 25, 2020, 08:27:59 PM »

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Modern Diplomacy
SOUTH ASIABangladesh’s response to right to education in Covid-19Published 2 months ago on June 21, 2020By Saurov Dash Roni
Image credit: Shehab Uddin/World Bank
Covid-19 pandemic, being the ‘new normal’ we have to live with, has brought to a fruition that we have no other way around but to cope ourselves, and our state apparatus with it. The educational sector is no exception to that as states around the world are in search for a viable solution to deliver education to their students amidst the contagion of corona virus. Thus far, the task has been a tough one, especially for the countries like Bangladesh that lack an infrastructure capable of adopting the new normal.

Right to Education in Bangladesh and its International Obligation

Conjecture based conclusion about Bangladesh’s education policy amidst covid-19 is easy to reach. But it takes a deeper look into the matter to make the best judgment of a situation.  Bangladesh, with its limited resources, is pragmatically dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. However, based on some misleading headlines, one of the commentators gave a posture that long before easing the lockdown, the Government had already decided to lock the education sector down until September without even considering the probable prospective situations. To rejoin, these remarks flew from a partial consideration of the news that they referred to and raises a doubt as to if they had read the entire news. As far as the news goes, it states very clearly,“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said all educational institutions will remain closed till September if situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak does not improve.”