Teaching About Dialects

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Teaching About Dialects
« on: June 01, 2021, 01:46:41 PM »
Teaching About Dialects
Make sure that you teach students that different varieties of English exist, even if you can’t teach all the differences between any two varieties.

At least learn and teach some of the differences between American and British/Canadian varieties of English.

Don’t be ashamed of your own variety; it’s as legitimate as any other version of English! Accommodate to the local situation, however, depending on where you teach.

Use appropriate ways to describe language distinctions:

Use the term grammatical to describe something a native speaker might say, even if it isn't accepted as standard English. Use the term ungrammatical to describe something a native speaker of English would be very unlikely to say.
Use the term acceptable or standard to describe something that follows the rules of standard English. Use the term unacceptable or nonstandard to designate something that doesn't fit formal written situations.
Avoid saying that something is simply right or wrong.

Source: http://web.mnstate.edu/houtsli/tesl551/Socio/page2.htm
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