Mental Health Awareness (Positive Self-Talk and Our Body Reaction)

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Positive Self-Talk and Our Body Reaction


We are the combination of two entities, physical entity and mental entity. It is just like the hardware and the software of a computer. One is valueless without the existence of the other.

When our mind becomes sad for any reason, various neurotransmitters are secreted from our body. The secretion of these neurotransmitters causes various changes in our body. Such as respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, urinary system etc. On the other hand,  if there is an injury in the body, it affects our mind. So we can see, there is a strong relationship between our body and mind. Therefore our thoughts, behavior and productivity depends on the physical and mental condition.
There is a relationship with our personality pattern, problem solving skills, ability to work under  pressure, ability to control emotions to our thought pattern . For example, those who have less ability to work under pressure, he/she may have more negative thoughts. Due to negative thoughts the secretion of  various neurotransmitters are increased. As a result our anxiety, restlessness, and stress increase. After that some changes are found in our behavior. Such as: our morale, confidence, risk-taking behavior, interest in work, etc decrease. So if we think positively about something, then we will have a positive feeling in our mind. As a result our mental energy will increase. On the other hand, if the level of  neurotransmitters changes in our  body due to negative thoughts, it will create negative feelings. As a result our behavior changes and  decreases our productivity. All occur one after another.
We may fall into a bad situation at any time. Sometimes negative events can happen to us just like in the past. It is normal in human life. But we can think positively during unfavorable situations or time so that it is easy for us to be patient at that time and we can do something productively.
We can try to practice positive self-talk. Let's look at some examples of positive thoughts. We can think "one day everything will be fine" instead of  "Nothing is good to me" .We can think "I am worthy  " instead of " I am worthless  ".We can think "This time will pass  " instead of " Time will never change ".We can think " I am strong enough" instead of " I am weak ".We can think " I will not stop trying  "instead of "I will not try again  ".We can think " Best is yet to come  " instead of" Things are never good ".We can think " I can do this  " instead of " I can't do this  ".We can think " I am sufficient " instead of "I am not sufficient  ".We can think " Whoops I made a mistake  "instead of " I am so dumb". We can think " I like me" instead of " No one likes me ". We can think " I did something bad  " instead of " I am a bad person ".We can think " This is really hard, but I am going to keep trying " instead of "I give up. I will never be able to do this  ".We can think " I have not figured it out yet  " instead of "I never get anything right  ". If we think, the positive side of anything from now, we will get the benefit of positive thought. I know, practice makes a man perfect. I believe also, you have the capability to practice positive self-talk.

Writer: Md. Abu Tareque, Psychologist, Daffodil International University.

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