Syndromes of cyber addiction

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Syndromes of cyber addiction
« on: February 15, 2012, 04:16:31 PM »
Syndromes of cyber addiction
Addiction to the internet and video games is a threat to the mental growth of children
IT Reporter
Internet addiction is better than the addiction to smoking and drugs. But some of campaigners against internet are suggesting parents not to allow children more than three hours to work in cyberspace. They are also suggesting before and after the surfing they should workout, join gym or playground.
Especially clicking on to video games for a long is a destructive blow to the mind. Many teenagers can play more than 14 hours, even almost full day, they don’t sleep, forget about foods, they don’t get time to go toilet. Few gamers died for dehydration and blood clogging of eyes. Many rehabilitation centres are inaugurated to heal the online addiction syndrome.
Researchers at University College London, UCL, found a strong connection between Facebookers’ minds and the amount of grey matter in several regions of the brain, including the amygdala - a region associated with processing memory and emotional responses. It rose the question-- whether these structures change over time; the finding  will help scientist to answer the question of whether the internet is changing our brains.
Recently brain scan scientists discovered young peoples’ brain with internet addiction; their white matter fibres of brain damaged, it connects emotional processing, attention and decision making parts. Similar impairments have been found in research into other addictions including alcohol and cocaine.
It released after researchers at the University of Worcesters found smartphones are so addictive to many users who have hearing hallucination of ring tone because they are desperate to get new messages.
The scientists in China said the study could help develop a treatment, although they admitted they do not know whether the changes to the brain are the cause or consequence of internet addiction.
Cyber ignorant parents often appreciate their children's overstaying on the Net. Their wrong perception is that spending much time in the cyber space always educate their children.
Too much addiction to the internet is a threat to the natural development of surfers. Internet users have been increasing for the demand of Digital World. To sustain in the competitive world with receiving required knowledge every one needs cyber knowledge. However, instead of knowledge many surfers are spending time on the net for the addiction and obsessions.
Especially students are more vulnerable to the addiction which is taking away much of their time and energy. They are spoiling their study for overstaying at the fun sites.         
Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) rose from over surfing, abnormally browsing the Net like exchanging cyber dirty words and teasing, 'pathological computer use' and excessive gluing to PCs that hampers daily life. Ivan Goldberg proposed IAD in 1995 to describe the pathological problem.

It has been reported that many offices blocked social networking sites for negligence of works of staffs who prefer the sites more than doing office works. Before the social networking sites some employees inspired surfing the Net for gathering knowledge and keeping in touch with the colleagues, partners and clients.   
If you forget your daily life and be irresponsible to your profession means it is a matter of concern. Being in touch with online friends can keep you distance from your friends in real life. Internet addictions are common among the students and teenagers, free Internet access, availability of internet can be a reason of inspiring the obsession.

Working at online is not always addiction to internet. For profession and for the benefits of yourself internet is essential. You can test yourself own obsession level if you hear you have an addiction to internet. If your mates, coworkers or family members have made comments that you are over using the net, so you should test whether you are addicted or not.
If you ever late in attending office, meeting and assignment for delaying sign out of internet that means you are addicted to internet web options. If you ever found yourself getting very uneasy not to get your a facebook friend on the list. Without emergency talk you spent hours to wait for the friend. It should be a matter of concern for you. Out of stress if you tease someone or sent cyber abusive words means you are not mentally sound and most of time staying on the peoples' personal information can distort your nature. Privacy breaking is a part of mental disorder if you are browsing personal information of other only for pleasure.
Curing internet addiction is a new field of psychology. Every day a big numbers of addicted person are been breeding in the cyberspace. Soon we will have remarkable cyber citizens and a big part of it will be obviously internet addicted that addiction should be cured by trained psychologists; sociologists should address the problem on time.
People are hypnotised with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Myspace to get pleasure and overstaying on there are causing losses of energy and time. Our productivity at work is declining for over surfing and logging on to fun sites.
The Independent

Shahidul K K Shuvra
IT and Science Editor
The Independent