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      Artificial heart

•   Survey says that among world’s heart patients only in India; about 20 million patients suffer from heart failure each year.
•   The number of heart failures is increasing by two million annually. About 20% of these patients die without medical-aid.
•   The artificial heart is planned for use in patients whose hearts have been irreparably spoiled left and/or right ventricles, and for those, offered methods of surgical involvement and/or drug therapy are not enough.
•   Heart transplantation is partial by ease of use of donor organs. At present, donor supply limits heart transplantation to about 3,500 hearts globally every year.
•   There is immense potential for artificial hearts.
•   However, the device is very expensive at Rs 34 lakh and the overall cost of surgery as Rs 40 lakh. The cost of artificial heart is set to fall with improvements in technology.
Generally Polyester is used as a key raw material.
Technology used:
1.   Weaving ( mainly plain woven fabric being produced )
2.   Knitting

Total 1 Artificial heart Leads found

Country : United States Of America