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::.Glorious Victory Day Today.::
« on: December 16, 2009, 12:22:01 PM »
"Ami Kimbodontir Kotha Bolchi; Ami Amar Purbo Purusher Kotha Bolchi"

With due respect and honor the nation observes its 38th anniversary of Victory Day today. Thirty nine years ago after a long 9 month war of independence, today, the Pakistani army with its 92,000 strong forces unconditionally surrendered to the Joint Command at the Dhaka Race Course.

Victory did not come at ease; it took 3 million innocent lives during this war. Without transferring the power to the democratically elected representatives Pakistani junta attacked unarmed civilians under the cover of night. Peace loving Bangalee did not sit idle; they took the arms to give a proper lesson to this
hyena junta and took oath for the ultimate independence of Bangladesh.

After a long war of 9 months the Mukti Joddahs were able to break the backbone of the most modern Pakistani army and made them dysfunctional and ultimately their rule collapsed and Banglaee got
their Independence.

The nation lost its 3 million courageous souls, who laid their lives for the safety net for all Bangalee - an Independent nation. Thousands of mothers, sisters lost everything but did not lose their pride. Let's salute these souls!

We salute our Mukti Joddahs and request you all to take a new oath to rebuild our nation. Let us forget and forgive our political differences and put our hands together for the nation building activities. This is the only way we can show proper respect for those departed souls.
For many years we are raising some legitimate questions but did not see any concrete action from the part of the Bangladesh government. On the eve on this historic day we are raising these demands again and they are,

1.     Bangladesh has passed a long way but till today, no meaningful action was taken for the benefit of disabled Freedom Fighters;
2.     Bangladesh government did not take any meaningful action to rehabilitate the destitute Freedom Fighters, who bed their lives for the country;
3.     Bangladesh government did not punish Al-Badars, Al-Shams, Razakers and their leaders, who killed millions of innocent Bangladeshis and raped our mothers and sisters.

Happy Victory Day!!!