Classical Engllish prefix( Native)

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Classical Engllish prefix( Native)
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:29:36 AM »

                                                                            List of English prefixes
Native English      

a-   verb > predicative adjective with progressive aspect   afloat, atremble
anti-   against   anti-war, antivirus, anti-human
arch-   supreme, highest, worst   arch-rival, archangel
be-   equipped with, covered with, beset with (pejorative or facetious)   bedeviled, becalm, bedazzle, bewitch
co-   joint, with, accompanying   co-worker, coordinator, cooperation
counter-   against, in opposition to   counteract, counterpart
de-   reverse action, get rid of   de-emphasise
dis-   not, opposite of   disloyal, disagree
dis-   reverse action, get rid of   disconnect, disinformation
en-/em-   to make into, to put into, to get into   enmesh, empower
ex-   former   ex-husband, ex-boss, ex-colleague, exit
fore-   before   forearm, forerunner
in-/il-/im-/ir-   not, opposite of   inexact, irregular
inter-   between, among   interstate, interact
mal-   bad(ly)   malnourish
mid-   middle   midlife
mini-   small   minimarket, mini-room
mis-   wrong, astray   misinformation, misguide
out-   better, faster, longer, beyond   outreach, outcome
over-   too much   overreact, overact
post-   after   post-election, post-graduation
pre-   before   pre-election, pre-enter
pro-   for, on the side of   pro-life
re-   again, back   rerun
self-   self   self-sufficient
step-   family relation by remarriage   stepbrother
trans-   across, from one place to another   transatlantic
twi-   two   twibill, twilight
un-   not, opposite of   unnecessary, unequal
un-   reverse action, deprive of, release from   undo, untie
under-   below, beneath, lower in grade/dignity, lesser, insufficient   underachieve, underground, underpass
up-   greater, higher, or better   upgrade, uplift
with-   against   withstand

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Re: Classical Engllish prefix( Native)
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Dear Sir
This is a great work. Though, you are an expert of Textile.   
Md. Mostafa Rashel
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Re: Classical Engllish prefix( Native)
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Thanks for your valuable comment!

Being a Textile Engineer, I have a keen passion regards modern and effective communicate based english!