Focusing and Controlling the Mind

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Focusing and Controlling the Mind
« on: May 13, 2012, 03:19:45 PM »
Focusing and Controlling the Mind
By Remez Sasson

The mind is the thinking engine that you use for many purposes. Do you have control over it? Can you focus your mind on what you think and do, or does your mind evade control and is disobedient?
Read the following text and find out if your mind is steady:

My mind is stable and I have full control over it.
It is steady and does not waver.
My thoughts are clear and focused.

No, there is no problem with your eyes or computer. If you see the text above vibrating or trembling, it is only a trick to show you how unsteady the mind is (if you do not see the text vibrating, it means that JavaScript is not enabled in your browser).

You use your mind in almost everything you do, and you surely appreciate a mind that is focused. You have probably been in situations where you wished your mind was more focused.

Your thinking becomes clearer and to the point and your memory improves, after you strengthen your control over your mind. You are then in a better position to follow your decisions, goals and ambitions.

When your mind is not focused, it jumps quickly from one thought to another, and shows restlessness and lack of inner peace.

When your mind is focused and concentrated it becomes quieter and more obedient, and you see and understand everything better, faster and more clearly.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University