Quotes on Happiness and Being Happy

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Quotes on Happiness and Being Happy
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Quotes on Happiness and Being Happy
Remez Sasson Quotes

Inspiring quotes and phrases are like vitamins to the soul.

Happiness is within you. When you stop the chatter of the mind and expel your worries and fears you find out that happiness surfaces from within you.

Happiness is not something far away and unattainable, and its manifestation does not depend on circumstances.

Happiness is one of the most important treasures. It is within your soul. All you have to do, is dig it out and enjoy it.

There is no need to search for happiness or to create it. There is no need to undergo all kinds of external experiences in order to enjoy it. It is always here, deep within your soul.

Happiness is always here, but covered by thoughts, desires and fears.

Happiness comes from within.

Your attitude decides whether you are happy or not. You can change your attitude.

Happiness is a state of mind. More correctly put, it is the state beyond the mind.

It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy.

Your thoughts and worries hide away your happiness.

If you smile while you talk, you make people happy.

A calm and detached mind is the gate to true happiness.

Happiness is experienced after a problem has been solved, a fear has disappeared or after realizing a desire. At this moment the mind is released from it fears, worries and desires and becomes quiet, letting the happiness emerge.

Look at the happy side of life, and you will develop the happiness habit.

Learn to laugh. This will make you feel better.

Focusing your mind on everything that you do, increases your control over your mind, which makes it easier for the inner joy to manifest.

Your inner nature is bliss and joy. Clean your mind of thoughts and worries and you will find this treasure within you.

When you wake up from deep sleep you feel happy. This is because the mind was quiet. If you are able to make your mind quiet during your waking hours, you will experience happiness.

Each day do something to make you feel happy, until this becomes a habit.

Cheerfulness is contagious. Choose cheerful people for your friends and you become cheerful too.

Sharing and accepting other people's happiness increases our own happiness.

Choose happiness, concentrate on happiness and you will find it everywhere.

Let the joy in your heart overflow and water everyone you meet.

Pleasure comes from the outside, happiness from the inside.

A good word to a friend or stranger can bring light into their day.

When you have a positive frame of mind, you broadcast positive thoughts and feelings to the world around you.
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