Preshave preparation

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Preshave preparation
« on: May 30, 2012, 01:13:24 PM »
   Preshave preparations:

The purpose of a preshave preparation is to prepare the beard and the skin of the face more completely and effectively for shaving. The product accomplishes this by such effects as-

o   Better softening of the hair.
o   Increasing the lubricity of the shaving soap lather and
o   Reducing the sensitivity of the skin to the chemical effect of shaving soap and cream.

Preshave preparations are generally of two types-

o   Skin conditioners.
o   Beard softeners.

Skin conditioners:

Vanishing cream and cold cream type’s preparations are used as preshave preparation. Multipurpose medicated skin cream is very useful as preshave preparation. This cream increase beard softening, moisturizing, skin-lubricating and skin protecting properties.

Beard softeners:

Beard softeners are used when one intends to use non-lathering or brushless shaving creams. Non-lathering or brushless shaving creams are high in lubricating action but frequently do not soften the beard rapidly or adequately. This short coming is most evident when the preparation of the face before the shave is otherwise incomplete or curtailed as to time.

Emulsification of the natural oil on the beard and suspension of the facial soil by a solution of soap or synthetic detergent, applied before the brushless cream, are highly effective in speeding up and making more complete the wetting and softening of the beard. A mild shampoo detergent with some fatty alcohol ethoxy sulphate and an octyl half-ester also can serve the purpose of beard softener.