Bangladeshi scientist claims faster wound care dressing

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Bangladeshi scientist claims faster wound care dressing
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:43:58 PM »
A Bangladeshi scientist now living in New Zealand has brought good news for the people with severe wounds from acid attack and fire incident.

Dr Azam Ali, an agro-scientist, has invented a bio-based wound dressing, which cures severe wound 40 percent faster than any other conventional medicine currently available on the market.

A leading pharmaceutical company from Bangladesh has already contacted the scientist to introduce the new product on the local market.

The breakthrough innovation of the Bangladeshi scientist won the globally reputed Bayer Innovation of the Year Award in 2010.

Ali has invented bio-based materials to create new wound dressing, bone-graft implant products and medical suture technology using wool from New Zealand sheep. He uses low-volume protein sources from the wool to wound dressing and medical devices.

Two of his wound-care medical products are now being used at New Zealand hospitals and are approved for use in Australia, United States and the European Union.

“Bangladesh can get benefit out of the invention,” said Azam Ali who is a senior scientist at the AgResearch, a leading research organisation in New Zealand, in an interview with the news agency last week when he came to Dhaka for a personal visit.

He said the new wound dressing dramatically brings down the treatment time while the result is far better than any other existing treatment process as the bio- based wound dressing accelerates wound healing process and tissue growth.

“It works 40 percent faster than any other traditional products in wound treatment,” Ali claimed.

The scientist sees very bright prospect of using the new product in Bangladesh because of availabilityof natural raw materials.

Dr Azam Ali holds a PhD degree in polymer science and engineering from the University of Science Malaysia and four years postdoctoral experience from the University of North Carolina. Over the last 17 years he has been devoted to research and development activities, and authored more than 37 publications including journal articles and book chapters.
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Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy,