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Study in Sweden
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Studying in Sweden is different. Swedish universities have an open climate, with a strong focus on group work. This will give you valuable skills for the future. The global job market values ambitious, innovative and perceptive team players. Swedish universities foster these qualities through a forward-thinking culture where you’re close to the latest ideas and trends.

Swedish master’s degree programs offer unusual opportunities to turn theory into practice. Many programs also cooperate closely with the industry, offering students the possibility to mix study and practical work. This gives you distinct advantages over your peers when entering the job market.

Sweden has three universities in top 100 and eleven in top 500 of the 2010 edition of the Academic Ranking of World Universities compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

How to Apply

Degree programs

As a foreign student, different options are open to you depending on the degree level you would like to study at: undergraduate (as an exchange student or free mover); as a master’s candidate, or at the doctoral level. Application procedures are explained for each level.

Most likely you will study one of the 600 English-language degree programs, but if your Swedish is fluent, Swedish courses are open to you as well, giving you even greater choice.


Other Option

You may just have finished with your studies, in which case you may be looking for a traineeship position. Or else you may be in a position to buy contract training (commissioned education) for your company or organization.

Find the University:


Living in Sweden

Currently, some 30,000 foreign students are studying in Sweden, making for a vibrant, international study environment. Swedes have some peculiar cultural traits, but they are deeply proud of having built a society that promotes equality between the sexes, tolerance and inclusiveness.

As a student in Sweden, you will have ample opportunity to make new friends. A good part of your social life will revolve around your student union. The union can often help you with finding accommodation and other practical matters. Do make sure you are covered by adequate health insurance while in Sweden.

You will probably need to get a residence permit or visa, maybe even before you arrive in Sweden. To get a residence permit, you need to show you have sufficient funds to pay for living expenses in Sweden. But there are ways in which you can mitigate the financial strain: Sweden allows students to work for the duration of their studies.

Works in sweden

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