Everyday Entrepreneurship Part 1

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Everyday Entrepreneurship Part 1
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:55:47 PM »
Everyday Entrepreneurship 01:
Entrepreneurship Towards Ages-
Entrepreneurship 1.0 : This is the primary/basic stage of entrepreneurship. People used to involve in business without much information and thinking long time back. People used to go for business very seldom. The most common form of entrepreneurship was agribusiness.
Entrepreneurship 2.0 : Industrial revolution brought new era in the world of entrepreneurship. People started to involve in industrial production and various forms of business entities have been set up.
Entrepreneurship 3.0 : Service industries form the basic of this era of entrepreneurship. Financial, educational, medical etc. forms of services are being provided by entrepreneurs around the world.
Entrepreneurship 4.0 : This is the upcoming era of entrepreneurship. Here ideas will dominate the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are supposed to be dream walkers and ideas are the future of entrepreneurship. Many people will seek for idea or related help in coming years. With the use of latest information technology tools i.e. big data, predictive analysis, cloud computing etc. future entrepreneurs can reap benefit from this coming era of entrepreneurship.
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