Five general Attack Strategies

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Five general Attack Strategies
« on: April 01, 2017, 09:13:47 AM »
I. Frontal Attack: Cutting price, convincing the market that the brand is equal
in quality but a better value than higher priced brands.
II. Flank Attack: When the opponent is strongest then the attacker finds the
ways of weak spots to attack. In this method, the attacker can attack
geographically and segmental. The company can attack where the
opponent is under-performing or can serve the uncovered markets.
III. Encirclement Attack: When the attacker attacks the opponent from various
sides and simultaneously to capture a wide slice of the enemy’s territory.
IV. Bypass Attack: It means bypassing the main enemy and attacking easier
markets to broaden one’s resource base. Bypass attack also includes
diversifying into unrelated products and/or markets.
V. Guerrilla Attack: This is small, intermittent attack to harass and
demoralize the opponents and secure a permanent foothold. It includes
selective price cuts, intense promotional campaign and occasional legal