Stevia alternate of sugar

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Stevia alternate of sugar
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:05:30 AM »
Sugarcane is natural food .But after process sugarcane to sugar is changing its natural characteristics.   
In factory system of industrial sugarcane juice from refine vitamin, mineral, protein, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients, eliminate the sugar component (Sucrose) is created. Production process of creating sugar such as heroin. Poppy seeds from plants of heroin for the first opium are different. Then again morphine refine the Opium refine the morphine and the heroin. Similarly, it is just the juice from sugar cane or a bit of the refine molasses. Finally, Brown Sugar, and it is then the refine the white crystalline sugar is created. A major cause of many diseases, as well as various researches has been identified. According to experts, research, prevention of certain diseases, as well as the ability to consume mineral salt balance in the body of waste, increases the risk of various types of cancer, reduce sight, acidity created, had an unusual winter. This is liver tumor, horse-toothed, allergies, eye cataracts, migraine, amnesia, gastric.. The amount of sugar in our diet is that carbohydrates are the body needs than the existing. This sugar is then converted glucose and after the body of energy production. When the body needs more sugar than is acceptable, it is not beneficial for the body to cause the damage. Ice cream, cake, pestri, carbonated drinks and other software drinks, energy drinks and processed sugar are extremely different food. The effects of sugar in our body, but not quickly. Case study has shown that many cancer patients are not only to improve the status of cancer control in the supply of glucose fuel. Disease resistance can be increased to slow the cancer's growth process. Cancer treatment in the Diet, exercise, supplement, Medications and blood glucose levels can be controlled to supply the necessary medicines.

Stevia is a shrub known as the national plant name which is used as natural Sweetener. The name's stevia come from Spanish botanist "pedro jaimi estebha" name, who was the first researcher of Stevia plant. Stevia leaves contains a variety of plant foods that contain sugar sweet glycoside sucrose from 30 to 45 times more than the amount of sweet and zero calories. This is where we will receive 1 to 4 grams sucrose caloric, caloric may be obtained from the stevia zero. It is because it is a zero caloric sucrose stomach digest may not absorbed.

Stevia contain two main glycoside they are stevioside & rebaudioside. It is like any other artificial Sweetener cyclamate & saccharin, which is different from a potential cancer Creator. Now as a low-caloric food supliment stevia used in difference food item.

Stevia usually tropical and subtropical regional plant. But now stevia’s difference variety cultivated all over the world .In Bangladesh Stevia cultivated & propagation by tissue culture method. Stevia leaves  used for Diabetes peasant alternate of sugar. Not only Diabetes peasant but also health conscious people also take stevia as alternate of sugar.
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