Change your Thoughts change your Life

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Change your Thoughts change your Life
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Have you ever thought about the way you think? Did you ever consider to change your thoughts and change your life? Ever wonder how your thoughts affect the quality of your life, if not, perhaps now is the time to do it … perhaps the greatest spiritual authority ever discovered is: we become what we think we will become. Each person’s outside world is a reflection of what happens inside.

This is something that goes beyond the idea of positive thinking and behavior, it means that everything you are and everything you have is a result of your thoughts. This means that you can use this principle to your benefit. You can literally change your life if you can manage to change your thoughts.

Change your thoughts – Change your life

In modern life you have to make you choices based on what makes you feel good. What makes you feel good or not is in your thoughts. If you can manage to change your thoughts then you will be able to change your life. Start thinking about life in a positive way and appreciate the things that it has to offer. Set your own personal goals and change your thoughts to make these goals part of your life. Be patient, persistent and optimistic and the good results will not take long to come.

The Power of thoughts in your life

The first step to change your life is to accept the tremendous power your thoughts have in your life. And this is because everything starts from a thought. It is the starting point of all your acts. Your thoughts can make you popular or hated, unsafe or safe. Everything starts as soon as you realize that this is actually what is happening.

The secret to make this happen is to change your thoughts in such a way that they will help you change your life. You can form your thoughts in a certain way that can help you feel confident and secure. You can build a mindset that will help you to learn quickly and grab the opportunities in life and in your career. If you do that there is literally nothing you cannot change and improve.

There are a lot of ways to change your thoughts and change you life. Each of these will brighten your life, if you choose to apply it. All require time and commitment to incorporate in your life and all guarantee results. Any idea can be used separately or together with another to help you. How far you will get depends if you are ready to change your thoughts and your life.
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Re: Change your Thoughts change your Life
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Are you ready to change your life?

Why do you think the majority of people cannot achieve much in their life? Is it always due to the circumstances? It is their fate? The truth is that most people fail because they do not take their life seriously. Probably you have heard many times that you only have one chance to live your life. But have you really thought about it? How often you do things that give you medium results while you know that you can do better.

One thing is a fact: All people have 24 hours a day and can do whatever they want with them. Nobody has more or less. However, what everyone chooses to do with his/her time can make a difference. If you choose to guide your daily actions to improve yourself and your life then you will create a better life for you. If instead you spent your time not doing actually anything, counting the hours until you finish work, hope to win the lottery, and then probably nothing will be able to change your life.

How seriously you take your life and your success is truly your responsibility. Every morning that the sun rises there are literally millions of other people to co-fight for all the great things that life offers. If you do not get your health, your job, your relationships and your personal development seriously, then very quickly you will fall behind those who do. This is neither fair nor unfair; it is simply the way the system works, it is your choice to be with the winners or losers of life.

The next time you feel that life does not give you what you need, see how seriously you handle your life. Do you give it 100%? Or 60%; only you knows the answer to this question but it is important to ask your self and think how you approach you own life. To change your life for the better you need to give it your maximum efforts.

To take your life more seriously does not mean that you will not be have a good time or fun. On the contrary the goal is to change your thoughts and change your life and become more relaxed and happy. To do that you need to examine your daily and weekly efforts. In life we do not always get what we want but what we deserve. The more you invest in yourself, your work, in your relationships, in your health and personal development, the more your life will return.

A great way to start to implement this idea is at the end of each week to ask yourself if you have done the best you could at all times (at work, in relationships, health and personal development). If the answer is negative then began thinking of ways that you can maximize your efforts next week. Repeat this exercise every week and very soon you will be rewarded by your life.


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Re: Change your Thoughts change your Life
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Take control of you life

For most people to have freedom and be able to control their lives is very important. We all know how important is to have the ability to take decisions and the power to choose. What most of us forget is that to have freedom and control in your life this requires a high level of responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Often the best way to determine how «free» you are is to see how many responsibilities you can accept. Everyone is born completely dependent on others, usually our parents. As young children our life is pre-determined and guided. We do not need to find our food, clothing and shelter. We do not decide whether to go to school or not. Everything we do and everything we are is the result of what others do for us. When we grow up we begin to take more and more of these responsibilities on us. Some of us are eager and welcome this change in life. Others, however, tend to try to avoid what it means to be adult. Some ways to change your thoughts and change your life and be more responsible in your life are:

1) Remind yourself: The best way to maintain high levels of accountability in your life is to constantly remind yourself about it. You can say something simple like «this is my responsibility» or «I am responsible». By doing this you trigger a deeper part of your character and become more self-sufficient.

2) Admit your mistakes: One of the fatal flaws of most people is to try to hide their mistakes. They think that because they made a mistake this will cause problems. Most times they try to hide their mistakes by telling lies and blaming others. What they really achieve is to look foolish and unreliable. Making mistakes is the best opportunity to learn something new in your life.

You need to take a decision to face your mistakes and learn from them. Accepting an error automatically makes you more responsible. If there is a field in your life where you could take more responsibility then do it, and you will immediately feel more powerful and dominant in the situation. Change the way you approach mistakes in your life and this will be a very big step in changing your life.


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Re: Change your Thoughts change your Life
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Invest in your personal development

There is too much talk today about investments and success. In the area of the economy there is much debate about what is the best investment. While it is important to watch your money and plan how you will invest, there is another very major investment that you can do: The investment of time and effort on your spiritual development. The knowledge and skills that you can get in your life is your passport to success. People who have the most gains in life are those who spend time every day, every week, every month and every year investing in their personal development. Spend time reading, learning, gaining new skills and improve yourself from the inside out.

Improving yourself spiritually is like building your muscles to be in good form and healthy. If you are consistent in your efforts then the results will come soon. We may not win something in the short term, but in the long term the positive effects will be visible and valuable. Some ideas to improve your personal development skills are:

1) Consider your language. Learn to speak, read and write properly. Each week add a new word in your vocabulary. Words are tools and as many as you can have available, the more better you can communicate and think.

2) Look at your profession. After language, the best way to move forward is to study your profession. Take time to read as much as you can for your company, the type of work, and the general and future directions. Discover the «art» and tricks used by the best employees in your work.

3) Review your communication skills: your ability to get along with different types of people will significantly advance your success in your work. By devoting time to learn how to communicate, you do yourself more popular and more worthy to get what you want from life.